Fixed Cone Free Discharge Valve ( Hollow Jet | Howell Bunger )

Fixed Cone Free Discharge Valve
(Howell Bunger)

Fixed Cone Free Discharge Valve

Premium Discharge Capacity

The Fixed Cone Free Discharge valve also known as Hollow Jet or Howell Bunger Valve is typically used for free discharging control at a terminal point of a pipe or culvert at the base of a dam or reservoir stilling basin. They are also commonly used for turbine bypass, or continuous discharge in low control applications such as compensation duties.

Series 3300

8" - 158";
DN200 - DN4000

Ductile iron,
Fabricated Steel &
Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating:
Up to 16 bar

High Velocity Discharge:
Up to 25m/sec

High Discharge Capacity:

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