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World's Largest Gate Valves

When the world’s most impressive pipeline scheme asks for 100 year asset life valves, you listen.

Weighing in at 117 tons and standing majestically at 40 feet tall, Blackhall's Zero-leakage Metal Seated Parallel Faced Gate Valve has been designed to last for 100 years. The 108 inch bore Gate Valve (DN2800) have been manufactured and tested for America's first platinum-rated water pipeline project IPL (Integrated Pipeline). The project will drastically boost the water supply to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex by 1.59 billion litres (350 million gallons) per day by 2060.

In addition to rich experience, heritage and technical knowledge, it was Blackhall's proven track record of manufacturing 100 year asset life valves that matched perfectly with TRWD's 100 year sustainability promise on the IPL project.

The Gate Valves which are the World's Largest of their kind in terms of weight and size, successfully passed all hydraulic tests (shell strength at 375 PSIG & seating capability tested at 250 PSIG) and were recently installed into the mega pipeline.

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